Posted on Feb 19, 2018

Viper Collision

Scratches, dents and dings on your bumper can sometimes be repaired without having to replace the entire bumper cover. The price can range from $300-$900 depending on the severity of the damage and your preference to blend parts that are next to the newly painted bumper. This type of repair may desire what is called "blending" which can increase the cost of the repair. Blending can be done to any part along the body of the vehicle that connects to the newly painted part. So if a bumper is newly painted, blending the fender, hood, trunk lid or quarter panel alongside the newly painted part will create a uniform match of color and shine just like it was done in the factory.
Do you have a leased vehicle that needs to be repaired or a fully owned vehicle that is damaged and you do not want to go through insurance?
Stop in to get a free estimate and we will explain the options available to you. We will even help you calculate whether or not it is worth it to go through insurance. By the way, your insurance is not guaranteed to go up depending on the event that led you to the needed repair and it does not hurt to inquire with us about your options.

Please bring in the vehicle for a free estimate. Pictures cannot be used to create an estimate because if it is only a scratch and does not need to be repainted then it will be a significantly lower price.
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