Posted on Apr 13, 2019

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Vehicle Detail and Polish

Apr 13, 2019 – Sep 30, 2019
Why clean your engine bay? Wheel wells or rugs and mats starting to crust up? Is your paint looking dull?

Winters in New York are destructive to your vehicle's paint, plastics, engine and interior. If you live here you know what it is like to try and get a car wash after it has snowed. Salt, brine and road grime still find their way onto you vehicle's outside and inside even after its been washed. These chemicals, acids and enzymes take away the luster on your paint and stain the rugs and seats in your car. Ever open your engine's hood after winter and notice that there is new rust just spreading all over your critical engine parts and wonder if you can spray water in there to flush it out and prevent any more damage before it starts affecting your most reliable possession? You bet you can, but plain old soap and water won't cut it and if done incorrectly water can severely damage your vehicle's engine if it is not running while you clean it. We use special iron eating applications and polymers to clean and protect parts when we clean them. There is nothing worse than having to go to work and all of a sudden you have a busted hose or cracked motor piece that holds your engine system together because of rust.
Then there is the paint which has a clear coat that protects and boasts that beautiful color base on your vehicle. After years of sun, road debris, salt and scratches, micro cracks allow water to seek out the weakest points in the clear coat and penetrate the metal.
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Ask about a wet sand , compound and polish for paint. Engine bay detail and interior detail as well. Separate services can be combined for a discount.
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